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Thank you for visiting South Florida Australian Labradoodles..We specialize in authentic Mini Australian Labradoodles and follow the highest standards. All of our breeding dogs are registered and health tested to the standards of the ALCA and ALAA, which means our dogs have been tested for the common diseases in this breed and cleared, their eyes are OFA Certified and their hips/elbows, heart and patellas are OFA Certified. We also have all of our breeding dogs DNA Profiles so you will know you are getting an Authentic Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle. We adhere to a strict code of ethics, breed standard and strive to do everything with the highest integrity.

We also use the Puppy Culture curriculum which includes early neurological stimulation and enrichment activities to give our puppies the best possible start. Our goal is for our puppies to be well rounded and confident, with an eager to please attitude when they go home.  

We have a home in South Florida and Nashville, Tennessee. Last year we decided it would be better for our family, including our dogs, to be in a location that had property and more room to grow since all of our dogs live in our home with us. We now have two homes and are at both locations when it’s time for our puppies to go home. This way it is convenient for all families. If you are from out of state or the country, we use a flight nanny that can take your puppy to your closest airport. 

**Due to the increase in puppy inquires, we are no longer accepting phone calls. If you have questions, please us email so we can make your experience the best possible. 

Below are some of our dogs and past puppies.

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