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Guardian Program


We are looking for Guardian Homes!

Since we do not believe in kenneling dogs and for us to expand our breeding program we have implemented the guardian home program. This ensures that all of our future breeding dogs will be raised as a family member, in a loving home environment as our dogs are raised here in our home. Dogs that are part of our breeding program are given to families at no cost, and they continue to live with their Guardian families even after they are retired from the breeding program.

When the Guardian Contract is complete we will spay/neuter your dog at our expense and the dog will be yours forever! All expense required for breeding, health testing etc. will be our expense. All costs that have to do with owning a puppy vaccinations, training, grooming, food and vitamins will be the cost of the guardian home. 

We have two home that we travel back and forth to, so we would like to have Guardian Homes to our Australian Labradoodles in Tennessee and our Australian Labradoodles in Florida. We would prefer homes within two hours from Fort Lauderdale or Nashville. 

To learn more about or Guardian Program please fill out the form below and someone will contact you.

caramel tuxedo australian labradoodle
Guardian Home Application

Thank you!

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