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This is the puppy food we use for all of our Australian Labradoodle puppies. We highly recommend you keep

your puppy on the same food. You can purchase at most local Pet  Stores.

Nutrition and Health Products

royal canin puppy food
fromm puppy gold puppy food

We now use Royal Canin Small breed puppy food or Fromm Gold Puppy. Since Covid, Royal Canin has been having backorder issues, so whichever food you can find will work.

Puppies grow at a more intense rate than larger dogs and are considered adults by 10 months. Both foods target nutrition for your small puppy's healthy growth and development. They feature all the proteins, minerals, and vitamins needed to support your puppy's short growth period and developing immune system. Small-sized, tasty kibble is designed for tiny teeth and picky appetites while promoting overall health and well-being. And the highly digestible proteins and prebiotic ingredients in this puppy formula are easy on sensitive digestive systems and promote optimal stool quality.


This is our favorite shampoo!!

Pamper your precious pet with a revitalizing botanical infusion of organic rosemary and sage. Enhanced with the nourishing essences of coconut and palm kernel oil, Revitalizing Shampoo naturally cleanses and beautifies coats. Even a small dollop of this conditioning formula works into a luxurious, foamy lather, to deeply cleanse and leave coats silky, fragrant and tangle-free. The luscious scents of mango and kiwi mingle with energizing citrus notes to bring out natural shine. Natural antioxidants from organic rosemary and sage help prevent damage from weathering and environmental factors. Natural emollients help soften hair and give the coat more body.

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