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These are just some of the products we use for all of our Australian Labradoodles. We highly recommend you keep

your puppy on the same food. You can click on product below to purchase.

Nutrition and Health Products

In recent months we have witnessed numerous recalls of large corporation dog foods due to contamination from bacteria, chemicals, sub-standard ingredients, or recently, the most horrifying presence in dog food of pentobarbitol (a drug used to euthanize animals). Out of love and concern for the health of our dogs and puppies, we went on a search for a superior dog food with a stellar track record.  After conducting a careful trial in our home, we have chosen to add Life's Abundance to our choice of foods. LA is a high quality dog food that has never had a recall and is manufactured by a small, employee-owned company. Crafted with care, this premium quality dog food provides advanced nutrition and is made with wholesome ingredients, relying on the strength of proven nutritional science to promote canine health and longevity. Each batch is carefully tested for quality and then goes straight from the manufacturer to the consumer within 4-6 weeks, not like other foods which can sit on a shelf for months to almost a year. 

We have decided to switch all of your dogs and puppies over to LA and they love it! We try to find the best food and products for our dogs and when we do..we want to let our families know also!



  • Is a holistic formula void of artificial colors, flavors and unnecessary fillers

  • Has NO corn, NO Wheat, NO soy and NO glutens

  • Has NEVER been recalled

  • Is an “All Life Stages” food which mimics the natural feeding cycle of dogs in the wild or natural environment

  • Uses high-quality proteins, a unique antioxidant system, omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamins, pre and probiotics, mineral and fiber

  • Delivered straight to your door to ensure freshness and maximum nutritional value

If you have other dogs in your home and want to switch them over also here is a guide:

Recommendation Transition Guide:

Day 1-2: Feed ¼ Life’s Abundance and ¾ of the old diet.

Day 3-4: Feed ½ Life’s Abundance and ½ of the old diet.

Day 5-6: Feed ¾ Life’s Abundance and ¼ of the old diet.

Day 7: The transition period is over and you can feed the recommended amount of Life’s Abundance.

If you have any questions about feeding or transitioning to Life’s Abundance Health Food for Dogs & Puppies, please contact us at: southfloridalabradoodles@yahoo.com

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