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If you have a puppy from us we would love to add you to our testimonial page!

Let me tell you how wonderful Zia is. She is so sweet and smart. Super friendly and confident.  She has such a calm soul, when she is activated in play mode. although we love her play mode so much! We are so in love. She is so loved and settling in wonderfully. Pearl and Kobe did a wonderful job!!

Jamie Hild

Winter Park, FL

caramel tuxedo puppy

Bernie is not only our dog - he's our son, partner in crime and best friend! He is the best dog we could ever ask for - the perfect mix of funny and playful, but also loving and cuddly! He makes our family complete and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. We could not recommend Michele and the South Florida Labradoodle team enough! We are so appreciative of everything they've done and hope to purchase more pups in the future!

Jolene and Lewis Calem

New York, New York

caramel tuxedo australian labradoodle

Just thought I'd share. Reef, formerly known as "Milo" got his first haircut today. He's the best puppy ever. We are so in love with him. 

Angela Allison

Merritt Island, FL 

We have Phoenix. We named her Ava Jade. She is adorable and everyone in the whole neighborhood loves her. People stop their cars and get out when she’s on her leash out front. She loves other dogs and people. She’s very smart. She is sitting, going down, and she’s learning to ring the bell to go out but still has some work to do on that. When we get her last shots on Fri we’ll see when we can go to training and I think she’ll pick it up really quick. We just love her and she’s spoiled rotten already.


Thank you.

Vicki Maynard

The Villages, FL

South Florida Australian Labradoodles was a joy to work with. Michele was extremely patient working with me for over two years and was ready to assist when the time was right for me to bring my beautiful boy home. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add an Australian Labradoodle to their family. Five star service.

Cleotha Bell

Miami, FL

We love our Penny Linguine!! Thank you!

Jacquelyn Lorraine

Cape Coral, FL

australian labradoodle
chocolate parti australian labradoodle
caramel tuxedo australian labradoodle
apricot with white markings australian labradoodle

I just wanted to give you an update on Butterbean (Penne). Butterbean has been the best addition to my life, and I don't know what I would do without her at this point.  She goes almost everywhere with me, and she comes to my office every day. She is full of personality and constantly puts a smile on my face and everyone she runs into. She loves little kids, playing fetch, Kong peanut butter, and has even gone on the boat a few times. She is the sweetest girl and has a special relationship with everyone in my life. I can't take another right now, but I will definitely be reaching out in a few years when that time comes. 


Thank you so much, 

Madeleine Lee 

Mt. Pleasant, SC


We wanted to tell you the happiness that Lucy has brought to our lives. Since I work mostly from home, she has become my best buddy. She is so loving, happy and a perfect size since we are in a condo. Thank you for everything and we have passed along your information too many people that want a puppy like ours.

Thank you,

Oscar and Dianna Ruiz

West Palm Beach, FL 

apricot tuxedo australian labradoodle
australian labradoodle

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you, for sending me such a wonderful pup! Tucker is a year old today, and still wakes up smarter every morning. Thanks again, and give Tootsie and Tucker a scratch behind the ear from me.

Scout Woods

Lakewood Ranch, Florida

chocolate australian labradoodle


    Thank you for such a gorgeous pup!!! Lexi is an amazing , smart , beautiful , happy little pup!! Everywhere I take her she attracts people !! I never expected it would be like that . I take her to an outlet mall near me and every store people stop me and want to play with her , touch her and take her picture .It is pretty wild !!! I hope her litter mates are as beautiful and as wonderful as Lexi and having a Happy birthday !!

    Take care and stay safe!!

Debbie Waxman

Bluffton, South Carolina

red tuxedo australian labradoodle

Hi Michele,

I have been meaning to reach out over the last few months with a quick update on Harley (aka Precious). To say she is a complete joy, would be an understatement. She is everything to our family. Sweet, smart, loyal, silly, pretty, and simply the best, most affectionate little girl! She loves boating, swimming, squeaky toys, playing ball, dining out, kissing, giving big hugs, and playing with her brother and sister. 

Thank you so much for our “PRECIOUS” little girl! 

We are completely obsessed with her, and she is certainly a showstopper! Her stunning green eyes and sweet, yet shy, temperament stops strangers in their tracks. 

Thank you, again! 
Dana & Rich
🐾Lex, Jessie & HARLEY 🐾

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Our beautiful Omelette/Kobe baby Ziggy. The most well behaved loving puppy . He gets a million compliments wherever we are and i have given your name to lots of people. We couldn't love him more.

Lisa  Shemesh

Jupiter, FL

chocolate parti australian labradoodle
red tuxedo australian labradoodle
red tuxedo australian labradoodle


Just wanted to reach out and tell you how much we adore our girls ! Having two is the best ! They have complete different personalities and it’s awesome. Martina - Stella us cuddly and fun. Plays with tots and us a bit awnry. Charlotte- joy is so calm and patient. She a great pup and is so tolerable Of Stella. Both are great listeners and easy to train. They are the joy of our lives. 

Janine Hansel

Lake Worth, FL

caramel parti and caramel australian labradoodles
caramel parti and caramel australian labradoodles

Just wanted to tell you what a hit Murphy was this past weekend. We went to Blue Ridge to see the foliage. We went to fair. While there, everyone was just saying what a beautiful dog he was. One man even asked if he could take his picture. This happens every time we go out with him. A young Boy Scout was handing out dog treats. He asked if it was okay to give Murphy one. I said yes and they were so impressed that Murphy sat to say please.  He’s so funny. When he gets tired, he just stops and lays down with all four legs spread out and refuses to budge. It wasn’t hot and we weren’t there long but I think that’s his way of saying he’s ready to leave. 


If I ask him if he wants a bath, he jumps in the tub and waits for me and if I ask him if he wants to brush his teeth, he goes and sits I front of my bathroom sink because he knows where I keep his toothbrush.


We are seriously thinking about getting a second dog. I’d love to have a tuxedo or phantom. Which litter do you think would be best for me? I want to wait until the spring. 


I just wanted to share with you. I get such a kick out of this little guy. He makes me laugh everyday and I couldn’t love him more.


Thank you for my little darling,


Linda Norris

Jacksonville, FL

Thought you would like this shot of Mabel. Can't keep her out of the water - she loves it! She is amazing and 24 pounds!


Michael Dutko

Plantation, FL


black parti australian labradoodle
chocolate australian labradoodle

Thank you so much for giving us the SWEETEST and most LOVING little guy! Moshe makes our family complete! 

Alexis Cobo

Boynton Beach, FL


chocolate parti  australian labradoodle

Good Afternoon!


I have the pleasure of being the mom to my puppy Elle (derived from her litter name, Ellen) from the Donut & Melo litter born on January 19, 2022.  I wanted to express my gratitude for having been able to get Elle from you!  She is a beam of light and brings happiness to all she meets. These past 4 months with her have been amazing.  Time has flown by with this sweetheart, and I cannot believe how much she has grown.   She is so goofy, smart and loving!  I wanted to show you,  how she has grown so far.


Thank you for giving us the chance to experience life with this ray of sunshine!


Janessa, Elle, and the Robles Family

Orlando, FL

chocolate australian labradoodle
caramel  australian labradoodle

I just want to thank you so much for our Dakota. You were so helpful and can see the passion you have for your dogs. She is the cutest, smartest, funniest dog we have ever had. Whenever we bring her out with us everyone stops us to ask where we got her. We couldn't imagine our lives without her and hope to have another one in the near future. Thank you again!

Shanna Rogers

Nashville, Tennessee

 She is the LOVE of our lives, she is not only adorable as can be, but funny, with a great personality, outstanding athletic abilities and is super smart! Everyone who meets her instantly falls in love. I have been recommending you and Nadya to everyone one. 
Thank you again for this precious gift ❤️. 



Ellen and Jon

Boca Raton, FL

chocolate parti australian labradoodle

 I can’t thank you enough for him - he’s the sweetest and most loving dog and has brought so much joy to my family.

Francesca Tarant

Chicago, IL

light caramel tuxedo australian labradoodle

I feel so lucky and blessed to have him as part of our family. He is an absolute wonder and joy and I cannot express how grateful I am to you. Thank you again!

Sarah Shakespeare

Tampa, FL

red australian labradoodle

She is a wonderful addition to our family! Our larger Labradoodle adores her, as does our entire family.

Thank you so much,

Erin Ginn

Saint Augustine, FL

caramel with white markings australian labradoodle

We just love our Lucy and are so thankful for you bringing her into our family.

Jennifer Jackson

Naples, FL

caramel  australian labradoodle

One year old today. Life changing love!!!!!!


Thank you!



Marietta Worrell 

Pembroke Pines, FL


caramel tuxedo australian labradoodle

He is a great dog!  I couldn’t be happier with him! 

Chris Walker

Palm Coast, FL

(Potato/Chowder) Sable color

chocolate sable australian labradoodle
chocolate sable australian labradoodle

His name is Baron now and we are obsessed with him! He is the friendliest dog I have ever met. He loves everyone but especially my husband and I. He never wants to leave our side!

We are ready for another one!

Canton Battles

Pelham, AL

red tuxedo australian labradoodle

Hello from Belleair!

So it’s been 7 months since our “never had a dog and never will” family made an impromptu decision which changed our lives forever. Bringing Sage home has been the best decision we have ever made. From the day we brought her home, family & friends have noted that she is the most loyal, loving, intelligent, cuddly, beautiful puppy in the world! She is our everything and we love every milestone with her. We thought we would share a few pictures. Thank you for giving us this amazing puppy that we love immensely! She is the smartest, friendliest, most amazing puppy in the world and I would never get another breed!

Deona Cole

Belleair, FL

red tuxedo australian labradoodle
red tuxedo australian labradoodle

I just wanted to tell you how much we love and are enjoying Kobi (Vance) 🥰 He is so sweet and such a smart little fellow. He is learning sit, down, and leave it. He knows when I’m going to ask him to lie down, after a sit, and he slides into it. 🤭 Before I bring him back inside, through the front door, he knows I’m going to ask him to sit-so he does it automatically! 💜 we are having so much fun with him. And he is a good eater-my kinda guy.

Bonnie Snyder

Boca Raton, FL

caramel tuxedo australian labradoodle

Wrigley loves to pose for pictures.He is the sweetest boy. He sleeps almost thru the night. Remarkable My Whiskey was sweet dog but i think Wrigley is the sweetest dog i have ever had….and i have had a lot of dogs through the years. Lolly does her crazy moves like her Dad Melo and Wrigley is not afraid. Latest game is who has the biggest mouth. Lolly rolls over on her back. So glad i decided to bring Wrigley into the family. Thank you! Your newest litters are precious. 

Wendy Fields

Fort Myers, FL

Dear Michele,

Just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know that Fendi is doing absolutely perfect. We couldn't be happier with our new furry family member!

Fendi has quickly become an integral part of our family, and our daughter has formed a strong bond with her. It's heartwarming to see them together, and we're grateful for the joy and companionship Fendi brings into our home.

We wanted to express our sincere gratitude to you for breeding such an amazing dog. Fendi's temperament, personality, and overall demeanor are simply wonderful. It's clear that she comes from a loving and caring environment.

Once again, thank you for everything, Michele. We're truly delighted to have Fendi in our lives, and she has brought immeasurable happiness to our family.

Sending warm regards,


chocolate parti australian labradoodle
chocolate parti australian labradoodle

Hi Michele,

Thought you would like to see Skeeter (Alia’s Phoebe) as she’s turning 1.  Also, she is smaller than projected at just 21.5 lbs.  I love her so much and she is best friends with Frenzy the cat.

Thank you so much for such an amazing dog.

Meg Clymer

Naples, FL

Good morning Michele,

I can not put into words how Junie B has enriched our lives. She's so precious and her personality melts everyone she meets. She's a super big flirt with the college boys. A 10 minute walk turns into an hour walk because everyone wants to pet her. We love her!

Ur puppy's truly are drops of blessings spread throughout the country.

Thank you.
Michelle Castellanos

Miami, FL

chocolate australian labradoodle with cat
cream australian labradoodle

Hi Michele,

Just wanted to give you an update on Apricot who we call Mellie. It is short for Melissa and she is named after my husband's father's favorite song "Sweet Melissa." He passed away unexpectedly in April and Mellie has been the absolute perfect addition to our family. She is so much fun ad yet so chill for a puppy. She gives us all the love and is incredibly a go with the flow pup. People are always in awe with her and I have sent your contact information to several friends. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know we are so grateful for you and your services and truly love having Mellie in our home. Just wanted to share.

Stephanie Melnicoff

Fort Lauderdale, FL

chocolate australian labradoodle



I have been meaning to email you!  We are obsessed with Brisk (we renamed her Coco Valentina - since we got her a day before Valentine's Day).  

We love her so much and my son is not allergic!!  She is the cutest!  She is a celebrity in the neighborhood.  She got all her shots and we will get her spay at 6 months.  Thank you so much!


I have a friend that is interested in a puppy and wanted me to give her your contact info. She will be reaching out to you.


Thanks again!!  Coco has completed our family!!  🥰

Janine White

Fort Lauderdale


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