We offer stud service to approved breeders either via natural breeding or fresh chilled shipped semen for AI.  If you are interested in hiring one of our studs, please send an email to southfloridalabradoodles@yahoo.com.  


  • Stud fee is $3000

  • Clear brucellosis within 15 days of breeding (if natural breeding)

  • 4 generation pedigree

  • A copy of all health testing (minimum is hips, elbows, eyes)

  • Bitch owners is responsible for all related expenses (vet fees, shipping, collection, etc)

  • For natural breedings, boarding beyond 3 days needed for breeding is $25 per day

  • All  pet puppies must be spayed/neutered prior to going to their homes.

We will provide a copy of the stud agreement, health testing and a copy of the  pedigree.  We will also have our boy brucellosis tested prior to the breeding.  

Tucker is one of our studs. He is 25 pounds, stocky, great coat, amazing eyes, liver nose and was professionally trained. Trainer has said he is one of the most amazing dogs she has trained.

His temperament is calm, he will have his first litter with Jelly due February 2020.

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