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  What to Expect After Placing a Deposit for Australian Labradoodle Puppies

If you are looking to purchase Australian labradoodle puppies, one of the first steps is to complete an application and submit a deposit. What happens next varies based on the breeder that you use. Here at South Florida Australian Labradoodles, where we breed multigenerational Australian labradoodle puppies, we have a process in place after a deposit is placed. Here is more information about the process we follow.


When you fill out an application, we take a look at your lifestyle, the number of children you have, what other types of pets you have, and what qualities you are looking for in a puppy. We are then able to match what traits you are looking for in a puppy, such as color and sex, with a puppy that has the personality traits that align with your lifestyle and current situation. For example, we want to ensure that we place an active puppy with an active household, or a shy puppy in a household that may not have other pets or small children.


Once we have matched you up with a puppy that we feel is a good fit for both sides, we will start to provide you with more information about the puppy. We will send over pictures, update you on the Australian labradoodle puppies progress and life, and in general, keep you in the loop on what is going on with the puppy, how their training is going and what is new in their life.


Are you looking to purchase multigenerational Australian labradoodle puppies? At South Florida Australian Labradoodles, we have litters being born often. Reach out to us with what you are looking for and we can help to connect you with the Australian labradoodle puppies that will help to complete your family.

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