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  Reasons Why We Do Not Allow Visitations With Australian Labradoodles in Tennessee

Typically, when you think about adopting a new pet, such as Australian labradoodles in Tennessee, you think of visiting and interacting with the pet before you decide to adopt it. This gives you the opportunity to get a feel for their personality and ensure you both get along with each other. In many cases, you can also bring pets and kids along to ensure that the Australian labradoodles near me for sale all get along and that the pet is a great addition to your household.


Here at South Florida Australian Labradoodles, we do not allow visitations with our Australian labradoodle near me for sale. This often throws those who are looking to buy a pet for a loop, as they have long heard of the importance of visiting with a pet before adopting it. Unlike older pets, puppies have a very weak immune system. People who are visiting the puppies can compromise the health of the puppies and the breeding dogs. And bring other pets with you to visit a new addition can do the same thing. In an effort to keep our pets healthy, we do not allow visitations. We do however take the time to carefully check out a puppies personality and ensure they will be a good fit for the home in which they are going to before we allow that puppy to go home. This helps to ensure that our puppies stay healthy while still finding good homes.


Are you looking for Australian labradoodles in Tennessee? Reach out to us here at South Florida Australian Labradoodles to learn more about the puppies that we currently have for sale or to see any upcoming litters that will be up for sale in the near future.

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