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The Importance of Asking Australian Labradoodle Breeders How They Raise the Puppies

There are many Australian labradoodle breeders out there who you can adopt a new puppy from. Many people struggle with determining which Australian labradoodle breeder they should use when they are looking for a breeder to adopt from. While there are many things that you can look out, one of the things that you should pay close attention to and consider heavily is how they raise the puppies. The first weeks of a puppy's life can affect the demeanor of the puppy and their personality. Here are a few of the things that a great breeder should be doing with puppies.


Great Australian labradoodle breeders should be raising the puppies in the best way possible for the puppies. The activities that take place can affect how the puppy acts and behaves not only when you first bring your puppy home but for the rest of their life. A great Australian labradoodle breeder will do different activities during the first couple of months to help ensure that the puppy has the skills they need once they leave their family and come to your home. Some of the things that a breeder should do include early neurological stimulation, establishing the developmental period and setting behavioral markers, weaning the puppy, socializing the puppy and beginning the training process in real life settings. All of these actions can help to ensure that your puppy is social, intelligent and ready to live a life on their own once you get them home.


Here at South Florida Australian Labradoodles, we know how important the first couple of months of your puppies life are. This is why we raise our puppies in a strict but loving setting, to ensure every puppy hits the developmental milestones they need to. When you are looking for an Australian labradoodle breeder who has the dog's best interest at heart, turn to us.

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